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Adventures in Libby-Land

When I was 15 or so, I had a plan. I was going to be an AFS student and live abroad for a year. Then I was going to come back, finish High School and work for a season in a local beach town called Ocean City.

Those were my plans, but what is that saying?

“Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.”

Needless to say, my life went a different path, and that’s ok. Now I get to live my past plans vicariously through my youngest, who is busting her rear working in that same beach town while she’s in college.

So far, the weather hasn’t been optimum, but when she has had a hoppin’ night, she’s had a few stories to tell.

First, was the story of the girl, who didn’t look old enough to be in the bar in the first place, who had somehow forgotten to wear any underpants and a scandalously short skirt. Even though Lib’s is studying in a medical field, she’s not going for gyno, so seeing someone else’s cooch was a bit much. While the girl was on her way to the restroom, she passed an older couple, spun around suddenly, and yelled,

“Did you just call me a whore?”

Which, of course, garnered the attention of her young boyfriend who decided to show what kind of a (ahem) man he was, by going up to the older couple and threaten to beat them up! Yeah, that’s the way to shine as the next generation to be sure!! After much to-do, the bar asked the younger couple to leave since they had threatened a patron.
Lib’s take on this?

” I mean, dang, maybe if she wore some underwear, no one would think she’s a whore.”

Sound logic, I say! Score one for her good sense.

Second, there were a bunch of girls who were on the top deck, drunk, discussing another girl at length. Lib said they “put her life, like, right OUT there for everyone to hear!” The whole time, the conversation was punctuated by loud bursts of high pitched voices yelling, “OhMiGAD”.  Each time this verbal exclamation point was bellowed, patrons below visibly cringed. Finally, two older women had had enough. They stood up and made sure they were in view of the top deck and began to imitate the younger girls, screaming “OhmiGAD” and making up some terrible trash talk about someone. They got the attention of the girls, and everyone else in the nearby area. Of course, the girls shouted a few vulgar things at the ladies, but the desired result was obtained. The girls stopped putting their absent friend through the verbal wringer and all was well with the world.
Lib’s take?

“Way to go Grandma!! See,this is why I don’t drink a lot. The thought of getting sloppy drunk and behaving like those girls is just….. (shudder) not worth it.”

YES!! Score another one!! What an awesome young woman!

Lastly, she had a patron who was in his cups to be sure. He called her over to his table and grabbed her arm, telling her to come closer. Lib’s knew what he wanted since another server had told her that he likes to kiss his servers on the cheek. He continued to pull on her and ask her to come closer. Finally she said,

“Sir, I can’t do that. It’s inappropriate behavior.”

After a few more attempts, with her repeated reprimand, he finally reverted to ugly comments, telling her that he wouldn’t leave her a tip because she wasn’t even worth a dime.
Lib’s take?

“Sir, that’s fine with me. If you think threatening my tip will get you what you want, it won’t. Would you like another server?”

Yes! Three for three.

I’m not sure I would have been as gracious as my baby is, so maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t work that summer at the beach. But wait… I’m not taking a dirt nap yet… maybe there’s still time!


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