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Tidying Up- originally a MySpace posting

I guess I should finish writing from my list of two blogs ago about topics I wanted to eventually write about….

These are more photo oriented posts, and I must admit that the new photo management tools from MySpace “seem” like they should make things easier, but I’ve had nothing but troubles with them so far.

So, let’s recap for a second. I made a list of things I wanted to write about, the remaining topics being:

Hands on Grilling – steaming!

Bess on Drugs – Whisker City.

Which Doctor Who are you test – Facebook

Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start… oh wait.. sorry for the musical interlude. Now I’m busy singing do re mi… the first three notes just happen to be… do re mi… ok..get it together, Sharon.

My first photo goes with Hands On Grilling-

Last weekend, Hubby and I were finally able to clean up the gardens and yard some. We never get to this chore until Mid-May, due to my work schedule, but we always enjoy getting out in the yard and cleaning it up. It always lifts my mood and makes me feel better when I pull in the driveway and see the cheery little heads of flowers peeking up at me through fresh mulch.

The day was a bit muggy and I left my gardening gloves and some tools on the steps while I went inside to cool off a bit. As usual, distracto girl got involved in a few other things and forgot my gloves… until she saw the rain. Ugh.  I still had seeds to get started and some other chores left and it wasn’t supposed to rain all day, just a brief shower.

When the rain ended, it was close to dinner, so we figured we’d fire up the grill, clean up the deck, and then go back to work. I walked out to where my gloves were and picked up my poor soaked and dripping leather gloves and looked forlornly at Hubby.

“Here, give me those, goofy girl.”

And plop! He put them on the grill. Within minutes they were steaming. Number 3 came home and walked out on the deck to see what we were doing, took one look at the gloves and said, “Wtf?”

I told him we were channeling Charlie Chaplin and he said he’d had enough of eating boots, but he thought he could really enjoy a nice pair of gardening gloves. I’m not sure he got it.

My Second Subject, is Bess on drugs…

I *thought* Bess had her birthday this month. But when I went looking at pictures to make a movie, I found out that she was born sometime in late June. Doh!  I had already gone and gotten her a new cardboad corrugated scratchy liner, with fresh CAT NIP. She was a very happy kitty. In fact, that evening, after eating as much cat nip as she could find, she raced around the house and then passed out on her new scratchy. She was very asleep when I took the last photo of her in the box. I think I took about 6, with and without flash, and she didn’t move a muscle. In fact, I thought that maybe I had killed the old girl, but no… she was just STONED. Notice her vacant eyes. The first picture of her was before she started running around willy-nilly. I think it was just kicking in by then.

Next- Which Dr. Who are you?

This is self explanatory. I took this test on Facebook. The quiz was pretty hard to answer, since there were multiple ways I could go with my choices, so I bet if I took it again, I’d be someone else. Hubby took the test too. He was Tom Baker, the Fourth Doctor. I guess it’s fitting that I’m knitting his scarf, then, isn’t it! (Still working towards being done when we go to England so I can get pictures of him with it on there!!)

Sharon completed the quiz “Which Doctor Who are YOU?” with the result 1st Doctor.

“The Original, you might say.” Sharp witted and clever, it takes you sometime to trust new people but once you take them in you keep them safe and are sad to see them go. Though you are a bit absent minded at times, you are willing to do whatever it takes to make it through the situation and although you have a tendency to look down on others at first, you respect them when they give you reason.

And Finally…..

These are just because pictures. A student’s family gave me the roses. I don’t typically like roses, but these were beautiful. They opened, they didn’t stink up the house and they kept their vibrant color and velvety petals for over a week.

This is a white iris I had bloom for only the second time within the 3 – 4 years it’s been planted in the back garden. I was so happy to see it, I gimped out to get a few pictures. This year, I planted some hyacinths that my daughter gave me and a beautiful lily that my son gave me. More lovelies for my garden!



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