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Miss Me

What’s not to miss, eh? I’ve missed me!

I’m playing hookie from work for a few more minutes before I dive back into the fray. I worked most of the weekend, so I’m not too upset by a morning off, but I do have to prepare for a meeting I’m conducting tomorrow and rehearsals and progress reports and trip paperwork and and and… it’s never really done, is it?  That’s ok, ’cause if you are done and twiddling your thumbs than you are expendable. Must not be enough work if you can just putz around.

I went for a gimp today. After two months in a cast, I’ve learned how to get around pretty well. My doctor looked at me and said, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” You got it, Doc!! He gave me the ok to go walking again and thank heavens! I don’t think I could stand sitting around here much longer. The more I sit the more morose I become. Ugh. Now I’m POSITIVE that when I used to bug people to get up and go for a walk when they started moping around that I was 100% right. (Every now and then I’m only 50% right, but we don’t have to talk about that, true? lol…oh, and I’m not so big in my brtiches as to not be able to say that there are times when I’ve been 100% wrong, too.) How many of you are going to print that and frame it? lol

Back to the ramblings….

I gimped a mile. Up the two hills wasn’t too bad, but coming down the steep one is a bit tricky. Still, I made it. Now the trick is to be able to repeat it tomorrow.

Started tracking my food again, today. I went back and looked at where I started to fall off the wagon and sure enough, it was just over two months ago, just before I got this cast on. I guess it really isn’t so much what I eat, but not moving that does it to me. I could have done static exercises (EWWW) but those really don’t appeal. They are going to have to appeal, unfortunately, if I want to continue the path I started almost a year ago.

Wow, a year ago. So much changes in one year, ya’ know. And then again, so much doesn’t. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in looking at things from one point of view, that I feel trapped and then all of a sudden, POP!, a thought will come along. Almost as if it had been waiting for the right conditions to blossom or to come to light, and it’s a whole new thought process. Doesn’t mean it’s always the complete answer, but you feel as though another little piece of a puzzle has been put in it’s proper place. It just fits. I’ve heard it described as a shift, and I guess that can apply as well, but I like the jigsaw puzzle analogy.

I started reading, “The Stand” by Stephen King. Makes you wonder at every sniffle or itchy throat you may have, and sadly, I can see exactly how social breakdown could occur if and/or when a pandemic happens. Scary.

My flower children are all together, so I’m going to go visit them this weekend. It’s a bit of a haul, but they are all worth it. Anything is worth a really good hug.


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