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Dream and Little Dream for Me…

Well, not exactly like the song goes, but you get the point.

This blog is, of course, about a dream I had last night.

Even though I was exhausted from a successful meeting I had presided over (a stressful thing for me) I felt very anxious and unsettled last night. I should have been feeling ecstatic. I was well prepared, knew my answers and had 14 happy people.

I went to sleep easily, but I dreamed about someone I knew.

In my dream, I heard a noise in the hallway and a familiar voice. I came out of my room in disbelief and saw him giving my daughter a hug and saying hello to her. I was very shocked to see him in my hallway and thought that something must be really wrong if he were there. I remember just standing stock still and staring because I was so surprised. He looked at me and asked if I’d go out to talk to him.

In real life we don’t talk anymore and parted on not so good terms. But even if this were real life, I’d still talk to him if he needed to, so in my dream it was perfectly natural for me to say sure and walk down the hallway and go outside with him. I asked him what was up, why he looked so troubled and he said, “It’s the screaming. I just can’t take the screaming any more. It’s all that screaming.” He seemed so upset and I didn’t have any idea what he was talking about.

After that exchange, my dream changed a bit to show me on a street I don’t know, near something that looked like a phone booth, but was more like a vendors stand somewhere in New York. I’m not sure what I was doing there, but he was standing off to the side, talking or doing something and that was pretty much it.

Even stranger still, I was cleaning out some of my email today and went to a folder I have to file an email. When I opened it, I found a bunch of mail there that shouldn’t have been there. I guess I must have moved it instead of deleting it because it wasn’t anything I wanted to keep, so I deleted them. Then, I figured I should check some of my other folders to see if the same thing had happened there. I opened one folder and saw emails from a few years ago. The first one I clicked open was from this person in my dream, and the discussion was about what the future held, come what may. The second one I opened was him telling me about getting his picture taken in New York.

It’s so strange the way that stuff happens. Kind of like thinking of someone and the phone rings and there they are. Lol.


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