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Sunshine, Flowers, Mini Golf and a Corpse

It was quite a day for contrasts.

Yesterday, I lost 37 pounds, but gained some cash! I took our leftover GBP to the currency exchange. They happily took the notes and the one and two pound coin, but wouldn’t take the 5 pounds in change. That means I’m pretty much stuck with the change until I figure out what to do with them. I think I may have a home for them eventually.

Hubby and I decided to go play a round of mini-golf by the airport. It was a glorious day today. The temperature was warm with a bit of a breeze and the mini golf course has enough trees around it that there were some lovely patches of shade.

While we were playing, we came to a rather large bush with some pretty pink flowers that I recognized as a Rose of Sharon bush. (A member of the hibiscus family) I walked over to a partially opened flower to tilt it’s center to the sky, when a large honey bee crawled out and flew away. This probably means nothing to you, but to me, it was mother nature saying my name.Rose of ( Sharon) and Melissa means honey bee. It was nice to have the earth say hello!

To round out a nice afternoon, we went to a local Dairy Queen and had a small dinner, and a bit of ice cream.

On our way to the mini golf and all the way back we saw a number of accidents. It seems as though today was a rotten day to be on the road. There were virtually no cars on the road, but of those that were, we saw six different auto accidents. At one gathering of officers, I glanced over to the grass by the patrol cars and it was obvious that someone had been struck by a car and was lying dead on the side of the road. Poor guy.

While unsettling, seeing the dead man made me appreciate the afternoon and the time spent with my Hubby even more. You just never know.


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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