28 thoughts on “England 2009

  1. Ahhhh Warwick Castle if I'm not mistaken. I enjoyed the red knight's tale of the battle at Agincourt when I was there. Have there been reenactments as well when you visited?

  2. It was difficult for me to walk through, so sadly I spent more time trying not to fall than I could actually looking around at things. That and keeping my eye on the stray kids wandering without chaperons.

  3. No, we were off by about a week. They had the birds and some archery, but no jousting and limited Trebuchet demos. I didn't want to leave, since I hadn't seen everything, but this was a whirlwind tour to say the least.

  4. Thanks Claudia. I didn't really have time to take the kind of photos I like to take, it was snap and go for the whole trip. I got a new camera as well and I can see I need to monkey with the settings some, but for buying it the day before I left and just hoping I'd get something, it did well enough.

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