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Well, Just Grrr

I had written a blog last night and it’s nowhere to be seen!! WTH?

I spent all that time and it’s just vanished into the cloud… darn it. I hate when that happens. I hate it more that I can’t really remember what I wrote. Now that’s just pathetic. Of course, I wrote it at midnight or something… oh yeah.. now I remember what it was about…. it had to do with Sunday and Monday.. but I can’t remember exactly what.

Oh it sucks to forget now and then.

Got a compliment on my profile pic from my ex of long ago. Said I looked smokin’ hot and that the years hadn’t changed me much. LOL!! I had to explain that my current photo as of today, was from when I was 18 years old!! Duh…. I should have looked exactly like he’d remember me in this photo, since it was the last time I’d seen him, so maybe I don’t feel so bad about forgetting a silly little blog from last night. Let’s just hope this one doesn’t get eated as well!!

I went for my mammogram today. I was encouraged to touch myself regularly.. lol. Imma leave it at that for you goofs.

I’m working late again tonight, but equipment errors have plagued me. Actually, it’s been this way all day. Seems like everything I’ve touched or tried to do has just been… difficult. Hasn’t worn me down tho, I’m still in a good mood!

K, well, guess I should get back to work for a bit before I hit the sack.

OH WAIT!! I remember what I wrote about. It was how Tell Tale games now has Monkey Island in episodic adventures available online. I love Monkey Island. One of the only games I ever played on my computer. (That and Day of the Tentacle) Guybrush Threepwood was my favorite, and who can resist sarcastic swashbuckling adventure?? Surely not me!!


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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