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Gettin’ A Makeover and a Stinky Tent

Not me… the guest room.

My youngest is basically out on her own, so I decided to re-do her room. (Isn’t that what all empty nest-ers do?) I’m looking forward to it just being done and crossed off my list, but also to see how it turns out. In fact, all the little painting odds and ends will be done. I hired a company to JUST DO IT!

Hubby and I acquired some gear to go camping in the next few weeks. We each got a lantern and a sleeping bag. It almost felt like “back to school” shopping for some reason. I balked on some of the prices, since we haven’t EVER been camping together and I wanted to see if we were compatible. By this, I mean will I kill him if he snores too loudly and will I be a complete crank the next day if I don’t get any sleep due to all the pesky bugs and night noises. (Gee officer, I don’t know how that pillow got rammed so far up his nose.. I was sleeping the whole time…)

We are planning on going to Gettysburg and wander the fields at night. I’m sure we are trying to scare ourselves silly, but what the hey. As long as I don’t step in a chuck hole and break myself, I’m game.

Hubby and I dug out the tent we bought YEARS ago when all the kidlets were very small  and with the thought of taking them all camping, (lol) and set it up so it could air out. How clever are we to do that on the only day it’s supposed to thunderstorm?? Ok, so now maybe you can see why we’ve never quite done the camping thing?? We are both hoping that the heinous smell that has permeated the tent due to years of moldering in the shed will magically “air out” before we leave. I’m sure that if it doesn’t two things will be guaranteed. 1. No animal would want to come anywhere NEAR our tent and 2. We’d probably be in the market for a new tent.  I think the most this tent has ever seen of camping, at this point, is in our backyard as a sleepover place. Come to think of it, maybe it has done its proper duty.


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