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And So It Begins

What begins, you might ask. Well a few things I guess…

1. Sewer
2. Renovations
3. Chilliness
4. Attitude adjustment
5. The smell of cinnamon everywhere
6. Hibernation

Let’s start at the very beginning…. a very good place to start….lol
First off, the county informed me that today I would be without water and sewer for 12 hours, starting at 8 am. It’s now 8:42 and they are nowhere to be seen. The part I am not looking forward to is the smell of the chemical they are using to coat the insides of the pipes. Luckily, I go to work today. Sadly, I have to close up the house to avoid the smell and the cool air just feels so good.

The painters came yesterday and started working on #4’s room. It looks great. I’m really happy with the color. Sometimes blue can be so depressing, but this is a cheery light blue and the white trim and paneling makes it look delicate and inviting. Hubby said it best when he said it was a very classical color. My bathroom is coming along. I need to find someone to install some flooring, but other than that, I think I’ve got a good idea where to get the cabinet and mirror I want for that room. Still a bit stumped on the sink/vanity, but I think that will come to me soon. On Wednesday, I have the painters coming back to finish up the trim work and an estimate for replacing my back deck.

Last night, the temperatures were supposed to dip into the upper 40’s. It was some mighty fine sleeping weather, I’ll say! However, this year, I’ve been loathe to close the windows. The chilly air has felt good for a change, ’cause usually I hate to be cold. It’s almost time to go apple picking at the farm. This is when I miss the kids the most. When we would go to the farm, make crafts, decorate and bake. Sigh… no little kidlets nearby to play with anymore.. 😦 Maybe I’ll volunteer to be a big sister?!

Long ago I had a conversation with someone about attitude adjustment. I’m not negating that depression, negativity and ennui are things that aren’t easily overcome, far from it. Once you sink into that hole, it’s hard to clamber your way out. No, my argument was that  the key to overcoming such things was to adjust your attitude.. your outlook.. on life and life’s experiences. I was told that this concept was impossible. That you couldn’t just wake up one day and flip a switch in your head and decide that you were going to be more positive. Well… actually… yes you can! I still hold true to that thought process. Let’s say you go to a therapist to discuss your feelings. All the therapist does (albeit with years of training and some hard work) is help you adjust your way of seeing things and minor alterations to your point of view. Difficult to see when you are in the throes of dark and negative thoughts, but certainly very attainable if you consciously CHOOSE to change your thought process. And that’s the key, I think. You have to CHOOSE to change.. no one can make the changes for you. It can be hard to think and act differently. We are such creatures of habit. If you can have bad habits, why can’t you have good ones too?

Lately, I’ve been smelling cinnamon EVERYWHERE I go. I’ve come to associate cinnamon with fall and winter so much that I can’t smell it anymore without conjuring up mental images of mugs of warm drinks, fires, apples, colorful leaves and Christmas. I’m not sure if this early (seems early) olfactory assault is good, or bad. I mean sure it extends the season somewhat, but I certainly don’t want to wear it out, either.

As mentioned earlier… I’ve got a strong urge to sleep. I just want to snuggle down in my warm blankets with chill air in my room and rest. But, there is no rest for the wicked, so I’ve been getting up early lately. I find that whether I stay up late or get up early, I really prefer that special quietness of early morning. The down side is that I’m already considering a nap at 8:30 am!


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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