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The Alien in My Driveway

There has been quite a bit of change going on in my home lately.

A few weeks back, someone hit my daughters car while it was parked in front of my house, totaling it. The good news was the insurance company will compensate her with a bit more money than we paid for the car 3 years ago. The bad news is that we needed to figure out a way to get her another set of wheels. The solution we came up with was to sell her one of our cars for what we owe on it, and buy a new car ourselves. We took on the bigger debt and she got a car we knew the history of. Thus, I now have an Alien in my driveway.

It’s a fun little thing to drive, and both Hubby and I are getting used to how small it is on the outside and how big it is on the inside.

In other changes, the urge to purge seems to have hit a little early this year.Normally, I get this urge in January, but I got a new paint job in one of the bedrooms and a bathroom last week, which meant displacing a bunch of stuff to allow access. Now I have to put everything back together again and that’s sparked a desire to go even further and organize things like cabinets, sock drawers and my wardrobe. I am plenty busy at work, so I’m not sure why this change has taken hold, but I am NOT complaining. In fact, I hope it sticks around for a bit, because it’s  felt so good to get things moving around.

In an amazing turn of events, I actually got some communication from BOTH of my sisters in one weekend. True one of them only texted me, but hey… that’s an improvement over the silence since last February. I’m trying to get them together to visit my Aunt who is getting up there in age and is our final living relative from my parents generation. My spunky little Aunt decided to celebrate her 70th birthday by going to a defunct insane asylum and spending the night there ghost hunting!! You go, girl! With any luck, we’ll be seeing her by the end of the month.

What’s been up in your neck of the woods?


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