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Finding A New Way

I looked at my blog from yesterday and wondered what I was on last night. How about you? Did you wonder what had gotten into me, too?

I’m blaming the moon. Ok, I know it wasn’t a full moon, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

So- today – onward and… well, maybe just onward.

Today, my job is to find a new way – without using regular mass email- to send out a directory for work.

My old system was obliterated by the evil forces of darkness.. in fact, I should repost the picture of the cat catching the boy on fire again since it’s kinda appropriate.

No, actually, it’s all just a control issue that resulted in mass deletion, but be that as it may, I’m still not able to send things out the way I used to.

Hmmm.. I’ve digressed…no, actually, I think I still may be on track here. Since it is election season let’s do some Fact Checking, eh?

1. Fact – Last year I could send out mass emails with an attachment from a source I no longer have access to.
2. Fact – This year I still need to send out the attachment, with the same factors and criteria as before, and I need to find a new way to do this.

Yep.. seems to be pretty accurate to me! Lol~

The dilemma is:
1. I have many email addresses on my lists that are fairly sensitive, and have some uber spam blocking  software.
2. The information I have I can’t just “post” as a download from our website, because it has personal information in it.
3. The email server I’m using doesn’t allow for attachments because of spam issues.
4. The company said I’m not allowed to print it because it takes up too much paper.
5. Google docs obliterated my formatting.

I’ll let you all know how it works out, but if there are any suggestions, I’m open and listening.

UPDATE – I figured out how to get around this. It was almost as if I wrote the blog, walked away and *PING* the solution came to me!
I should know that when I’m determined, NOTHING will get in my way and I’ll ALWAYS find a way to succeed.

As for the rest of this blog – meh.. I was frustrated. It’s now time for fluffy bunnies and happy butterflies once again….


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