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If One Didn’t Work, the Other Sure Did

I was trying to spare you all the gory details and I still will, but I think you’re gonna get my drift soon enough.

For those of you with tender sensibilities, my apologies in advance.

Tomorrow I’m having a test done that requires much prep. Let’s just say I’m detoxing.

In between detox sessions, I got a phone call from my Dr.’s office that I couldn’t take immediately, due to a work phone call. When I listened to the voice mail, it was from the nurse who was calling me with the results from the scan I had on Monday. She didn’t leave a message that said, “All is well, please schedule a follow up.” or “Dr. wants you to make an appointment with X.”, she said, “Please call me back.”, which  I promptly do, but she’s not at her desk. So, I’m waiting.

I experience anxiety in my guts, with expected detoxing results, so now I’ve got double the prep working.

Then the phone rings and I’m thinking it’s the Dr.’s office and I’m right… but I’m wrong. It’s the office of the one I’m prepping for tomorrow. All kinds of things start rolling through my mind about how cranky I’m going to be if they cancel this, but how I’d love to have a sammich when the girl on the phone says, “I was verifying your benefits and there seems to be a $397.00 balance for your deductible. You’ll need to pay that tomorrow.” Wha? I mean, if that’s the way it is with my insurance, ok, but do you think that maybe telling me this 16 hours before the procedure is just a little shortsighted?? What if I didn’t have that money. The policy is that if you cancel under a 3 day window, you get slapped with a huge fee, so what would be done if I said… um… oh well, I ain’t got that right now? And honestly, I can find it, but it’s not like I don’t have to juggle a bit to get it.

I think I already established that I internalize stress in my guts.. so now I’m triply prepped… lucky me, but I certainly will be thoroughly detoxed, I’ll tell you that.

And because I love you all so much?, I didn’t pick photos for this blog!! Lol.


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