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How to Get 101 Nights of Great Sex

Happy Halloween!

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…. no really, I’ll be giving out candy later to the few intrepid souls who still brave the house to house trick or treating in this area. For that reason, I insist on buying “good” candy. By that I mean chocolate candy bars. I’ve even tried to become tolerant of the vehicles that vomit a bunch of kids out of its doors to have them race up for their handful of candy and then pile back in, only to go a few feet to the next lit house and do it all over again. How lazy can you get?! Still they came out, so they get the goods.

But that’s not what this blog is supposed to be about. It’s about 101 Nights of Great Sex, right?

I made some great butternut squash soup, cornbread, a fresh salad and some apple crisp from freshly picked apples from the orchard for dinner tonight. While I let the soup bubble away in my cauldron, I popped a beer into the freezer (’cause I actually like my beer to be more like a slushy than a beer) and decided to wander the neighborhood for a little bit.; As we were heading for home, Hubby noticed the corner of a book peeping out from under a carpet of crunchy leaves and bent for further investigation. He crowed in delight at his good luck to find “101 Nights of Grrrreat Sex”, by Laura Corn. (could this be considered our candy Corn?) The premise of this book is that there are 101 pages that are sealed. You are supposed to pull out a page, tear the perforations and reveal the information/suggestion. I can totally relate this to unwrapping a piece of chocolate with a hidden center. Yes! What a great find for two empty-nesters, or as I like to say, 2nd time 20’s with more money!

When I got home, I liberated my beer from the freezer ’cause it was just right. We’d been listening to KDFC, a classical music station in San Diego, all afternoon. They were supposed to be playing “Scary Music” – as if classical music could ever be considered scary – and one of the most misunderstood songs of all time came on… Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana. Sure, this song has been repeatedly used for horror flicks due to it’s strong sound, but it’s totally wrong for what the piece is actually about… Sooooo……….

Lemme edu-ma-cate you guys a bit. (I know, how can a woman who likes slushy beer and says “edu-ma-cate” teach me anything?) Trust me… just ’cause I like informality, doesn’t meant I don’t know about this.

Carmina Burana is literally “Songs from Beuren” and are, basically, ancient text set to music about sex, drinking, love,sex, greed within the church, gambling, gluttony and sex! There is nothing evil about it at all, unless you consider that the would-be monks were lamenting all the stuff they’d have to give up to join the monastary. Girls,gaming, drinking and sex… you know, the basics.

But the cool thing, you see, is that for me.. it was perfect!! Here I was, freshly gifted by the universe with a book of fun things to try and a slushy beer and on comes Carmina Burana to remind me of all the adult fun I could still enjoy on Halloween. Tomorrow is All Saint’s Day, and I’ll atone then.

For those who are swearing they have NO idea of what song I’m talking about, just listen to the first few notes. I’ll be SHOCKED if you’ve never heard this attached to some horror show or sporting event.

And if you don’t trust my take on Carmina Burana, take it from Marin Alsop of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, my hometown favorites. She discusses Carmina Burana second in this video, but you can hear the song behind her explanation.


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