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Not Clicking

Not Clicking

There is a trunk in my living room that has brass edges. Recently, I’ve taken to absent-mindedly running my long-ish toenails (ewwwwwwww) over the edge of the brass and producing a clicking sound. This was driving Hubby INSANE, so he finally told me to get a pedicure.

Ladies, you can thank me later for this newly found way to get your man to offer to pay for and sanction a pedicure.

So today, I go in to get my pedi…

“You want design?” she asks.
“Yes, please. Can I get leaves?”
“No, leaves…. like on trees.”
“Lines, yes, yes.”, while nodding head vigorously.
“Leaves, from trees, like in Fall.”, I say as I demonstrate my hand version of leaves falling from a tree.
She laughs, smiles and nods her head again.

I’m not sure she got what I was asking for but decide that I’m not really worried about it and I’m going to see what she has in mind soon anyway, so I might as well wait.  This is what I got… so what do you think? Lines or Leaves?

How about fish blowing bubbles behind sea anemone and a golden squid approaching from the right, ’cause that’s what I see.

In other news, I went and picked up the films for my appointment with the surgeon. Not sure I mentioned it, but I did find out that the scan I had last Monday shows a nodule on one of my parathyroid glands, which means surgery. Bleh… I’ll let you know how that saga goes when it’s time.

We met with the draftsman tonight to see if our dream home is plausible. Seems like everybody we discuss our thoughts with, kinda gets the bug for this building. No complaints here! He said he was very interested in the design and working with us on this unique project. The best part is seeing Hubby’s eyes light up every time we get a tiny bit closer to his dream.

I joined Nablopomo again for November. I think the last time I did this was in February. Not sure why I promise to write every day for an entire month, except the fact that I like doing it.

CRAP! Just remembered that tomorrow is Election Day. Uh oh, better go check out that list of websites I’d been procrastinating about.


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