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Flipping for TP

Eeek! I have 27 minutes to compose and post or else I will be behind in my attempt to post every day in November. That’s right, folks… you may potentially be able to read my silliness every day this month. I bet you are shivering with antici—— pation. (Rocky Horror reference – would it be wrong to admit that this was the first year in all the times I’ve watched RH that I actually checked out Frank N Furters junque?)

Curled up in front of me and in between my arms, as I try to reach the keyboard and type around her, is my cat Bess. Many of you know Bess already. She’s been my bestest bestie for 16 years now and will be going in tomorrow morning for her 5th cancer surgery. We’ve removed all of her right breast tissue, and now we are starting on her left. Poor thing. I think she knows something is up, because she’s been lovey all day long. If you could spare a good thought for a little fuzzball of love, I’d appreciate it. (and with that description, she indignantly stalked off)

Where I work, there are more females than males, so the facilities get much more usage. The maintenance personnel have been notorious about not leaving adequate TP for the bathrooms. And no hand towels. I never know when I come in, if there is going to be enough paper products for the evening and have frequently sent Hubby off to purchase items at the store nearby. But we pay our rent to this building, so having to buy our own TP and hand towels can become annoying. One day, when there was a plethora of tissue in the men’s room, I took a few rolls and put them in our supply cabinet so they’d be there when needed since I could install this kind of system, and it would still be empty…

This evening, the gentleman who cleans up a bit before we leave, told me that we were out of tissue in the ladies. I had to use one of my rolls earlier in the evening for the unisex bathroom, so I was hesitant to give up my precious commodity. As I waffled between kind person who wants others to not get stuck without tissue and the bad person who wanted to tell him to just leave it empty, he asked me if I wanted him to flip for it. And because I found the irony, I called TAILS.

I guess tonight was not my night for hoarding tissue, because I lost. How much you wanna bet when I go next week, I’ll be sending Hubby off for tissue again.

And how many of you are scratching your head and thinking, “Did I *really* just read a blog about toilet paper?” Well, yes you did,  and I thank you for it. I promise tomorrow we will not denigrate any farther into the realm of personal hygiene and I’ll be able to impart words of wisdom, hilarious – or at least raucous anecdotes, and perhaps a bawdy tale or two.


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