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Less and Less and MORE

I’m liking this new format less and less. No blog stats, difficult to get around, the themes don’t seem to be forgiving and in their attempt to make all simpler and more creative, they seem to have done the exact opposite for me and sucked the life right out of my love of blogging on MySpace.

I’m now hunting another playground. I still have my Multiply account, but I’m looking for a place where it’s easy to get to, you can read my stuff without an account and still leave comments if you want to (Can’t with Multiply) and is search-able on the web. I think I may have found a new home, but I’m not sure yet. I’ll definitely leave you guys a link if I do move and will keep checking over here to make sure it’s available for all. Or just cross-post from my new home to here. I could do that, but this doesn’t feel like home for me anymore. Blech…

I’ve wanted to do this for a while now, and this whole My____ change has finally pushed me into action. Last night, for 3 hours, I searched the web for a way to export all my blogs from here to another place. Guess what>!, it really can’t be done. There is one guy who wrote a script that will do it for you, but you need Java something or other and I didn’t have it. Being a big weeny and being afraid of infected downloads, I decided not to opt for the program and the java plug-in I’d need. In stead I did it all the old-fashioned way. I cut and pasted 471 pages of my MySpace blog into a word document. (I did find a program that pulled an RSS into a XML file or some such, but it only took part of each blog and that wasn’t what I was looking for AT ALL.)

Did you read that up there? 471 pages and over 100K of words. That’s a lot of freaking writing – and I loved all of it. And apparently, since I’ve got about 15-20 hits a day on my blog and was well over the 2800 views recently, a few others have liked it as well. YAY and THANK YOU! I’d still write if no one read it, but there is a little selfish thrill I get when I know someone has taken the time to read what I’ve written. It’s like making friends while I’m not physically there. (um, yes, we’ve established that I’m a bit odd – revel in it like I do!!)

Since I’ve gathered all the MySpace blogs for safekeeping and posterity, I went over to Multiply and thought about saving all of those as well. There are actually some that I would post here and then post there, but I think out of the 445 blogs (not pages, BLOGS) I’ve written over there, about half of them are duplicates, which means half AREN’T!!  And then I turn my head and I see my travel notebooks that I write in with an (sharp intake of breath here) INK PEN when I’m travelling and think… should I transcribe those? Would the stories be complete if I omitted all the other paper journals I used to keep? Would I have to change my name if I transcribed those? LOL… and what will I call this gigantic gathering of all things written by Sharon? (SCARY??) Because I’m realizing just how freakin’ prolific I am as a writer. Maybe not Pulitzer prize-winning, but it was never supposed to be that kind of writing, I’ve written far MORE than I’d ever realized.

So, what shall we call it?


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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