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In Appreciation of You

When I was in my late teens, I used to ask for a man that had a certain set of qualities. I feel very blessed that the Universe was listening.

On this, your 45th birthday, I wanted to let you know as many of the the things I appreciate about you as I can muster. Please remember, this will always be an incomplete list, as we are ever growing and I’m constantly finding new ways in which I appreciate you.

So, here it goes… I appreciate that…

You use words like “spiffy” and “indeed” regularly.

You are very warm, both physically and emotionally.

You will eat just about anything I cook and have only complained once or twice, but were always careful not to hurt my feelings.

You cared for my daughter all those years ago as if she were already yours.

You sat in a wagon with a sparkler in your hand and a silly grin.

You teach me new things all the time.

You are willing to learn.

You can be stubborn, but you always listen and consider an alternative viewpoint. (eventually)

You love my cat, too.

You make my work, your hobby.

You enjoy being with children – ours and the others that enter our lives.

You juggle anything you can find three of. It’s great to see people smile when you pick up three of something in the grocery store and play.

You dance with me in the most unexpected places… bowling alleys, sidewalks, store aisles.

You sing from your heart.

You smile at me, just..  that.. way..

You took a few years before letting me know your passion for aircraft.

You are patient.

You like to share.

You’d clean up the blocks too, even if you hadn’t played there.

You fall asleep just about anywhere, usually so you can spend more time with me.

You like autumn.

You love to explore.

You are very caring and self sacrificing – but never bitter about what you give up out of love.

You are tall and handsome.

You like the scarf and the effort and story behind it.

You love me.

You enjoy motorcycles and feeding the birds.

You enjoy reading.

You are a geek, and brilliant.

You have a temper, but not often.

You will stand on a chair to make a point – or just to be silly.

You are very curious about lots of things.

You are solitary and all inclusive at the same time – how do you do that?

You are hardworking and responsible, always putting my needs and the needs of the family above your own.

You like to travel.

You can find something to talk about with anyone.

You thank military personnel, stand for the National Anthem and remove your hat out of respect.

You love to take walks.

You are lazy at times and show me that it’s ok to relax now and then.

You suffer no fools.

You have excellent willpower.

You smell good.

You kiss me every morning and every evening and when you come home and when you leave.

You freely tell me you love me – just the way I am.

You somehow won over my Mom and Dad.

You are all these things and more and I could go on forever and never be done.

I celebrate your birth and having you on the planet and in my world.

I love you.



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