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funny pictures history - I hate rocking chairs..

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When I was 5, I remember sitting in a little rocking chair, wearing a fancy, flouncy little dress, stockings, and shiny black shoes. I was visiting my Granparents at the time and I was having a blast rocking back and forth in my little rocking chair in my grandparents basement. Back and forth, back and forth I went until… I went to far.

I can remember watching my shoes elevating higher and higher as I tilted farther back than I ever had before. I teetered on that small precipice of balance that determined whether I was going to continue my world right side up or up side down until gravity made the choice  to flip me completely backwards.

My head made a little thump against the wall as I landed on my back and knocked the air completely out of my lungs. I lay there, still for a few moments, with my shoes pointing at the ceiling, my dress around my chin and my Grandfather laughing uproariously;  stuck in that position and only just registering what had happened.

I recall my mother rushing over to see if I was ok and returning my rocking chair to it’s normal upright position and I recall being so embarrassed by my Grandfather laughing at me, that I forgot to feel anything else.

To this day, I still panic when I’m in a chair that rocks back just a bit too far or is pushed just a tad to rapidly backward by someone behind me,  and I wonder…am I more afraid of being hurt by the backwards tumble, or by the laughter that might ensue?

Neurosis sucks.


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