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Tree Essence

Snow on a pine tree in Prospect Park in Brooklyn
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Last night we were blanketed in a thick coating of heavy wet snow which made everything bow under its weight. Many were without power and heat. Ours flickered a few times, but never went off permanently.

A neighbor pointed out that his tree was bowing precariously over one of our cars. Having had a tree that had been planted in precisely the same spot fall and crush two of our vehicles, we opted to move the cars that seemed to be in peril rather than run the risk again. So, at close to midnight, Hubby and number 4 were outside shoveling the driveway and making a way for her to move her vehicle. She said all she heard in that weighty stillness were tree limbs cracking all around.

Today, I let the dog out and decided to spend some time standing on the snowy deck. I haven’t been out much, and it didn’t look like I’d be out today either, so this was going to be my short interaction with Mother Nature. It wasn’t necessarily cold out so the snow was dropping off the branches and plinking through others on its decent to the ground with a slithering sound that ultimately ended with a wet plop.

It was a pleasant sight, but I closed my eyes to focus on the sound and instead, I realized there was a very earthy yet lightly spicy tang in the air.  At first, I thought it was simply my neighbor burning a cinnamon scented candle that I was catching a whiff of, but then I noticed the interesting woody undertones and realized that what I was actually smelling was tree essence. Both my tree in the backyard and the neighbors Magnolia on the opposite side of me had snapped some large branches. Both of the trees look to be in fairly good shape still, so hopefully there isn’t any real damage done, but that was such an enticingly sweet, yet earthy and woody scent and if I could have figured a way to re-create it without harming my tree, I would definitely bottle that stuff!!


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