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The Magic of Bumpers

We had company over the weekend. My daughters beau was visiting from Pittsburgh. He’s a bit quiet so it was nice to visit with him one-on-one and get a sense of who he is. I trust my daughter to choose what’s right for her, although it’s nice to see what she chose as well!

We decided to go Cosmic Bowling on Saturday night. For anyone who has never been to Cosmic Bowling, they turn off the lights, run a light show, play music, offer food and drink specials and you pay one price for the whole evening. It’s a pretty good deal.
Even though I couldn’t bowl yet – still working on healing the neck muscles and moving, although moving 1000 times better than I was – it was great to be out of the house and in public for a bit.

Two friends joined us to make 5 bowlers on our lane. When we started bowling, one of the younger bowlers was having problems getting the ball to go where she wanted it to, which was not into the gutter where IT wanted to go. She was becoming more and more frustrated and was certainly not having a good time. Both her mom and I agreed that bumpers were going to be necessary to save the evening from a grumpy teenager. Since no one had any problem with that, I went up to request that we put bumpers on our lane for the next game.
“Yes, Ma’am.”
“Is it possible to have bumpers put up on our lane?”
“Certainly, what lane are you and who needs the bumpers.”
“Lane 4 and M.”

He reached over and hit two buttons, smiled at me and said, “Done!”

I got back to our lane just before it was M’s turn and lo and behold, when her name lit up on the scoreboa

rd, up came the bumpers out of the floor. She bowled her frame, smiled and was thousands of times happier and when she was done, poof!, the bumpers disappeared back into the floor! How cool is that?! It really saved the evening and made our youngest bowler feel like she was finally in the game. I think we know which alley we prefer from now on!!

Got an iced coffee and took a sip and was instantly transported by “taste memory” to Montgomery Ward’s tire center. You’d think that the smell of tires would be a horrible thing to relate to a cup of iced coffee, but it wasn’t.

This logo was used by Montgomery Ward from 1968-82
Image via Wikipedia

Basement is coming along nicely. ALMOST TOTALLY DONE! We are getting the trim put down on the floor, ne

ed to clean up a bit and finish a few trim items. Everyone who sees it loves the space!


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