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Ouch.. ouch.. owie.. ouch, but yay! Feels good. I remember this!!

Sunshine is out – time for walkies and some muse-kick.

Today is measure and record day.

It’s also the clean-up-your-desk, pay-the-bills, file-the-paperwork, make-dinner-early and go-to-work day.

Is it a clue that you are supposed to move when your mailbox is ripped off its post by the neighbor? It was an accident, and he called right away to explain, but I see it as a cosmic sign that I’m working in the right direction. Lol.

I wish I’d had some kind of interesting epiphany, or something exciting had happened in my life to report other than this, but everything is pretty much status quo.

The Nablopomo theme for this month is “in a word”. Recently, through the wonder of technology, me, my friends, my hubby and children have all been playing a Scrabble-esque type of game on our phones. FINALLY.. something worth having a smart phone for!  It’s been fun to hear my phone scream “WHAAAT!” now and then through the day, alerting me that it’s my turn to play.

Hubby and I have always been big Scrabble players and a date in the spring and summer might consist of candles, a few adult beverages and a game of Scrabble out on the deck. Don’t laugh. We are geeky, remember?

Now, though, I get to play grudge matches with my son and hubby and I are almost always in at least one game. SOME people – you know who you are- got tired of being beaten and won’t play me anymore. 😦  S’ok. She usually whoops my tush in every other game we play.

If you fancy a game on Wordfeud or WordswithFriends, just let me know! If you are interested in the wordfeud app, here’s a link.


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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