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Happy Begets Happy – 119

**Most of my links will require you to watch them on YouTube. Sorry about that!! (they are worth it, though)

The sun was shining and a slight breeze was blowing. It was just chilly enough to need a coat, but not cold. I had my tunes in my ears, a pep in my step, and I was ready to go walking this morning.

I started out on my walk quite the happy camper. The song, “Little Less Conversation” (a little more action) by Elvis Presley was letting me know that my choice to MOVE was the right one today. That song never ceases to get me going, and so I was headed down the main road in town with my head boppin’ and my body moving to the music while walking.

Can you imagine it?

I’m sure you can.

Spins, cross-steps, forwards and backwards, I was having a blast! (my friend will be reminiscent of a similar walk on a beach in Florida) The next song came on (Extreme – Get The Funk Out) and there was no way to stop the groove, so for almost a 3/4 of a mile, I was jammin’ and incredibly happy.

The first man I passed gave me a huge grin. Then a man in a dump truck caught my eye and waved. Two men in a box truck broke into smiles and nodded their heads, and when our paths met again, the first man gave me two thumbs up.

I walk this loop often and that just doesn’t occur, so it must have been something different, ya’ think? I’m sure watching someone totally enjoying themselves, laughing and smiling and dancing on a sunny day was  what did the trick.

I’m sure there may be a few who say that these people were laughing at me, but I don’t really care. If they were laughing, they were happy as well.  The end result was that I was truly in my happy zone and because I was, others were nudged by it.

The rest of my play list for my 1.5 mile jaunt? (I’m working up my distance again, don’t laugh)

Michael Buble – Call Me Irresponsible

Jason Mraz – The Remedy

The Vapors – Turning Japanese

Art of Noise – Peter Gunn

If none of that infected you with any kind of happy… then beware the laughing baby…..


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