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New Things 105

Part of my world (uh oh, lyric bomb – I hear the Little Mermaid singing in her grotto) is the try new things. If you’ve ever read Jen Lancaster’s book My Fair Lazy or Such a Pretty Fat then you’ll know that in these two books she was working on making personal transformations and life style choices. In Such a Pretty Fat, she challenged herself to lose 50 lbs and in My Fair Lazy, she decided she needed better conversation topics at cocktail parties – and a little more culture – in her life. Jen’s writing is very honest, witty and a pleasure to read. I can’t say they were the sole impetus for some of  the changes I’ve been working on, but I will admit that I think back and reference them while I’m doing it. Today, I did a few new things to broaden (or decrease if you want to look at it that way) my horizons.

I was pretty tense today and frustrated with work and the sheer amount of paper piles I have on my desk and the floor surrounding my desk. I hadn’t taken my walk. I hadn’t gone to the gym. I was feeling antsy and Hubby could tell. Friends had invited us out for happy hour at a Japanese Steakhouse called , Sake.

When we got there, our friends hadn’t confirmed with us, so we had no idea if they were coming or not. We got the menu and started looking over the happy hour choices. I have to read each item to be sure there are no onions in the roll and that was taking some time. It was ok, though, because just as we had deciphered what kind of drink we might like to try, our friends walked in.

Practically before we sat down, T had ordered 3-5 dishes and drinks. I was still poring over the menu. When the server came back with the beverages, T ordered 3 or 4 more dishes. My head was spinning and I was getting cranky so I ordered a Sake-tini which was kind of sweet, but not in a syrupy way. More of a freshly pulverized fruit way. It was very good. Then T started pouring hot sake and that was amazing. I’m not sure I could do an entire carafe, or two, but the warmth was actually refreshing.

I finally handed the “approved” list to Hubby after the waitress had come to see if we were ready at least 4 times. It wasn’t her fault  we were sushi incompetent, but we did take a bit of time deciding. Hubby placed an order and I sat back to see what he’d chosen.

The dishes began to come out fast and furious, with my favorite thing being the wasabi paste and the ginger slices. The presentation was like art! They were simply gorgeous to look at.

Whitefish Tempura

This was the Whitefish Tempura

Seared Tuna

This was the seared tuna.

something fishy

This was our platter. I liked the ginger the best.

This was one of the many our friends had ordered

Most of it tasted pretty good and some of it I’d eat again. I can hold my own with the chopsticks, so that worked out well. Forgive the TV Batman Series camera angles. I feel like I should have put POW! BAM! and BOOM! in a starburst or something.

After our meal, we came home for a little couch and TV time, but my body has loved the movement it gets lately and kinda like my dog pesters me for her walk, it was nagging at me because I hadn’t exercised yet. I have a s-l-o-w digestive system (what can I say, I’m efficient!) and dinner was still sitting pretty heavy on my stomach, but what the hell…

It was dark, my daughter had run off with my gym card (shhhh, don’t tell) and Hubby was beginning to doze so I thought that since I’m in week three of Project 121, I’d better step it up a bit and I popped my Jillian Michaels  “Shred” dvd in. How hard could it be? I used to be able to whiz right through this awhile back.

O. M. G.

I’m sure the combination of sake, sushi and Jillian wasn’t the best, and I finished about 95% of the first level. I thought I was on Biggest Loser and I was going to toss my sushi all over the place, but I didn’t and I finished that nasty old meanie Jillian’s work out, and I got my blog in and I’m feeling much more relaxed. Now it’s time for bed.


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