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Happy St. Pat’s – 104

It’s St. Pat’s today and I made sure I wore green so the little gremlins at work wouldn’t have the opportunity to give me a pinch.

Actually, I was quite impressed with the level of creativity the kids have for St. Pat’s now. Ribbons, bows, tiny hats, silly headbands, striped socks… you name it, I saw it tonight if it had green on it, including Hubby with a pair of shamrocks sprouting from his head and beads wound round his neck. I love that my 6 foot 5 fuzzy faced man will wear those silly things to get a laugh from the kids.

It’s late and I’m tired. Tomorrow I have much work to work on, and Saturday I’m looking forward to some basket bingo with friends. I thought it was going to be for Longaberger baskets, but found out it’s for Pampered Chef items instead. I’m sure I could use some of that.

I finally got #4 to go with me to the gym today. AND I got her to help me work on a strength training routine. Woot! (btw, I’m much stronger than I thought I was.. sheesh! Gotta love that hearty peasant stock!)



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