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Grand Time 23

So! (deep breath)

I’ve finished concerts, had my chaperon meetings, sorted 900 shirts, am in the midst of auditions and getting progress reports done, found a house I ADORE, getting the house finished up for market and planning for Germany. What better time could you think of to have your grand daughters come for a visit?

When they stepped off the plane I was floored by how big they’ve gotten. OMG, one of them has HIPS!!

We’ve walked around the lake, done the playground thing, had ice cream, been to a festival, gone to a concert, done paddle boating and had a pizza/movie night. Still to come is mini golf, zip line adventures, shopping for gifts, a day in DC for a ceremony in Arlington National Cemetery and some museums, a family picnic and hopefully, some duckpin bowling. Since I get them once a year, we really try to cram if full of family fun!!

Last night, I was woozy on my feet by 10 pm, and #4, who is soon to be 22 years old, was right there with me. I couldn’t figure out why I was so exhausted.    Hey… move it or lose it, ya’ know?


Last night, we tried to go play mini golf, but the park closed just before we got there. Instead of running off to find another mini golf, we decided to offer the girls a “consolation prize”. H asked me what a “Constellation prize” was. Lol

When kids are young, adults tend to spell things they don’t want the kids to know. When MY kids were young I decided to challenge their curiosity as to what Mom and Dad were talking about and instituted “Spelling Day”. That was a day where we didn’t speak words at each other, but instead, all communications were done in verbal spelling. #4 swears this is why she got a higher SAT score on the vocabulary end of things. We tried this with the grandchildren. They were slow to begin with, but pretty soon they were getting the hang of it and I was delighted to see their minds chugging away to translate what was being spelled and to figure out how to spell what they wanted to say. It all caused much giggles. (btw, if you do this, be prepared to find another way of communicating the possibility of going to McDonalds, or the pool, or any other fun place since you’ll have trained your kidlets to know what you are talking about. I got around this with Hubby by spelling all of OUR communications SDRAWKCAB. Try THAT for a bit if you feel a need to stretch your brain!!)

We are keeping a list of name of all the canines we’ve been meeting on our travels around town. So far we have, Sadie, Rosie, Frank, Lulu, Spot, Chaos, Hayley, Joey and Molly.

While walking around the lake, we talked about how the geese and heron live and read all the plaques for the trees so we could learn their names.

Paddle boating became a pirate adventure with captives and everything!


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