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Workers Block 14 to 12

It feels like I’ve worked without a real break 24/7 lately, and today I’ve got some Worker’s Block going on. It’s a gorgeous day, with cool breezes and bright blue skies and I’ve already been for a walk and have the windows open, but here I am, blogging, not working.

I have plenty to do, for if you’ve noticed my number, I’m two weeks away from a great adventure. A great adventure that I can’t focus on because I’m too busy focusing on that great adventure. Not making sense? Welcome to my world.

In fact, I couldn’t even finish my blog on day 14, so here it is, day 12 and I’m at it again. Guess I wasn’t as blocked as I had wanted to be since I managed to get a bunch of work done yesterday and the day before. Anyway, onwards…so what to do today…

My daughter, in an effort to help with our choice to move, painted a few areas we had that needed it. I think she used the wrong color. Doh! S’ok, I’m touched she wanted to help!

We found a house we love. Now we are even more motivated to move. That and the glove compartment turned out into the passenger seat and a few things stolen from our car. Yeah, those are motivators as well.

I seem to have gone from workers block to writers block… sigh….


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