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Some random thoughts for you tonight. Little snippets to tell you, but no connective tissue. That takes up too much brain power and I’m a little short on that now. I’m conserving my resources. Lol!


I’m not really at liberty to discuss some of the more recent events, but wow. Been an interesting few days. I think it’s all handled now, but talk about intense.

Oh yeah, I just said I can’t talk about it. Sorry to be such a tease.

I have one more day of auditions, meetings, rehearsals and cake serving before I can say I am officially done with prep work for Italy/Germany. Of course there are still little prep work things to do, mostly for Germany, but the bulk of the beast is done and I’m feeling good. At this rate, I’ll be a pro for Paris. Oops! Did I mention Paris? Oh well.. that’s what it looks like I’ll be aiming for in a few years.

More relevant would be my hair appointment tomorrow. I can’t look shabby for my pics.

Funny story… I got Hubby a new beard trimmer for our trip since the other one bit the dust recently. Thinking that all trimmers are made the same, he put the height level on the same setting he always uses and started to trim away….. HIS ENTIRE BEARD AND MUSTACHE. ACK!!  He walked in to show me and all he got was his wife staring at him with a horrified look on her face. Feeling rejected, he went to show #4, who took one look at him and said, “Ew, get away! You’re not my father. Where is my father?” I guess this demonstrates just how long Hubby has had his burly man beard and mustache. As soon as Sr. and Jr. started to look the same in an uncanny fashion, I insisted Sr. grow the beard or he would never be gettin’ any ever again. Nah uh… no way. His chin hadn’t seen the light of day for years before the other day. He’s working really hard to grow some fuzz back before we leave.

Da Boss had cancelled our rehearsals for tonight, so I got to ride home and have most of the evening free. I love the kidlets, but it was great to ride home with the windows down and the music going. Even having to floor it to pass a person who was less than cooperative wasn’t that big of a deal. Felt good to feel the car surge forward as if it were a stroll in the park. Love that vehicle!

Speaking of driving… on my way up to auditions tonight, I enjoyed a dark chocolate mocha granola bar just before arriving at the campus. I finished the bar and threw away the wrapper and began to set up for auditions. One copying session, one very long conversation with the Associate Director and multiple parents later, I keep smelling chocolate, but I can’t find the source. Finally I look down and my shirt moves just enough for me to notice the chocolate smudge… all over  the upper part of my breast!! Oh my! Hopefully, no one noticed, but if they did?- I was prepared to tell them it’s the latest in designer fragrances – Cocoa Chanel.

I had a small singer (5 years old) come check in for her appointment tonight. She was adorable in her red sundress with white polka dots and string of white pearls. She waited patiently while Mom got the paperwork from me and listened to my directions. Just before Mom turned to leave, the little girl looked at me and asked, “What happened there?” and pointed to the scar on my neck from my surgery in January. It’s still a bit raised and red, and many people dip their eyes to look at it when they are talking to me, but don’t usually mention it. Not that it bothers me. I don’t hide it at all. Anyway, she asks me what was wrong in such a sweet and caring voice that I was touched. I told her that was where a Dr. had fixed me. Hubby was sitting in a chair behind the little girl and he piped up, “And he did a really good job, too.”  I guess Hubby is still very appreciative of the difference in my attitude pre-op as opposed to post- op.  The little girl took my answer in a very matter of fact fashion and went off to sing for the boss.

Got my watches fixed. Now I don’t have to pull out something equal to a brick to see what time it is.

Bess and Piper go to the Vet on Friday. Bess is starting her 18th year, but she’s been naughty in the house lately. I think she knows she’s doing it, but I can’t figure out why. Piper has had a red eye that’s been oozing for a few days. Figured I’d get them all cleaned up for #4 before I go away.

Hubby and I are going to go back to look at that house on Saturday. I’ll take some photos for you guys. I really like it and am doing whatever I can to get this place on the market and sold. I want to be in my new house before December. Wouldn’t it be nice?

Ah well, time for a nap for me.



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