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March 30, 2009 Blogger Post

Time certainly does fly when you are being quiet. I get up in the mornings and come to check out my emails and blogs and before I know it, some mornings, it’s lunch time!

How does that happen. I’d imagine that if I spent the same amount of time reading a novel, or studying current events, as I do checking up on the blogs I read, I’d be a pretty smart cookie. But I’d rather see what others are thinking and check in with real life instead of some journalists view,or the political slant of a news agency. Just seems a titch more intimate and connected to reality to me, but I’m sure I’m twisted in that view.

I enjoy my cup of beverage du jour and my funny/sad/angry/enlightening/introspective/cookbook/jokes/photos/raunchy/political readings in the mornings.

I spent most of my weekend trying to do my taxes, with the emphasis on TRYING. I have all the information, mind you, but I tried one of the top online tax prep sites and found myself in a data loop. Every time I tried to get past this one area, it would just dump me back into the same screen with NO WAY OUT! Ergh. How are you supposed to trust the software, if it doesn’t work right? How many other things are wrong with it?

So, I decided I would try another popular online tax software. This one wouldn’t let me enter our full names, since it was limited to 30 characters for both taxpayer and spouse’s names. Um.. ok, who doesn’t get their first or last name then? A few more oddities like that and I went in search of yet another site.

Again I did all I was supposed to and this one let me complete just about the entire thing, but the amount owed was over $400.00 more than the first site said I owed.

hmmm… ok

I don’t deny that I probably owe some this year, but I really don’t want to pay MORE than I’m supposed to (nor less). So which one is right?? And why are they so far off if I put the same numbers in each program?

I decided that maybe I’d use the site that sends your returns to a PERSON so they can review your information. I registered, put in my info and answered their questions. Finally, a window popped up that said I needed to choose my professional. When I went to pick one, they are all over 25 miles away at a minimum. Ugh. Ok, maybe not that either.

I have two options now and I’m running out of time. Go pick up software and install it an hope there isn’t anything amiss with THAT version or go to the same people who take care of the Trust tax returns. Although with the second option, the amount I’d have to pay them to do the taxes might just break my tiny little bank account.

Decisions, decisions…..can I go back to my quiet place and start all over again? lol


I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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