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Major and Minor – 12

Today I am majorly distracted and minorly motivated to work. To give you an idea of how my day has gone, I got work emails that I read and didn’t respond to, because I was reading them while I was taking a walk around the neighborhood.

My husband called to talk to me and I couldn’t focus my mind on his words while I was trying to randomly save my daylilies from certain strangulation by some damn flowering vine. (probably a morning glory someone stupidly planted without thought of how those suckers take over EVERYTHING)

I left the piles I pulled in the driveway.  ahem… ok.. I forgot them until I looked out later, happier now?

I came up to the loft to work and instead bought some socks and foundation garments for my trip to Spain. What I really need are some business casual outfits, but I haven’t gotten there yet.

Determined to get something done, I started working on attendance rosters so I can produce the progress reports that are due – um – now. Of course, I’m freezing for some reason, so I go hunting a jacket and while downstairs, I have my breakfast, wander out to the deck and look around. Then I pet the dog and wander back upstairs.

I checked my email, but couldn’t really be bothered to see what any of the messages said, flitted through Facebook for a second, checked my bank account, chatted with my friend about a bunch of nothing, saw that another hour and a half had passed by and realized it was LUNCH time. So, off to put together my meal of salsa, crackers and celery, accompanied by a cup of fresh coffee and a cup of lemon-lime water stuffed to the brim with ice! (wth?)

I’m in a perfectly lovely dreamy disconnected mood and happy as a clam to be distracted by anything my mind wants to pursue with only the slightest inkling that my daughter is coming to visit and if I don’t get my work done, I won’t be able to hang out with her, not to mention how appreciative my boss would be to see that I’ve finished the second campus progress reports so she doesn’t have to worry about them when she flies out of the country. Pah!! Now I ask you, who could be bothered with that stuff when you feel ethereal and dreamy and are floating along in your puffy cloud-like existence of looking at butterflies and watching the leaves on the trees flutter in the breeze while sipping alternating hot and cold beverages?

I have notifications on my phone. Sometimes they are so spot-on with current thoughts or conversations when they go off randomly. Just now I got a notification that says, “More Work?”, which came from World of Warcraft audio clips. It was quickly followed by another notification that says, “I’m not listening!”  So true… how did it know?


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