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All Kinds of Feelings – 262

I’m having all kinds of feelings today. I’m frustrated, antsy, exhausted, sad, happy, blessed and distracted and my mind is racing hither and yon, so today will be a mish-mash kind of blog…

First off, a site I’ve been on since 2007 is going dark in a few months, so I’ve been working on moving my content off that site. Sadly, they weren’t offering a way for blogs to be imported to WordPress, but they were doing so with Blogger and Tumblr. I do have a Tumblr account I messed with before I found WordPress, so I decided to try exporting to that format. The tool they have successfully exported my blogs from 2010 to now, but everything from 2007-2010 is still in limbo. And nothing has a photo attached to it anymore. I’m downloading the media I had on file with Multiply, but what a pain to have to go through and figure out what photo I had attached to what blog. Le Sigh…

Today is… gray. Blah.

Hubby pointed out to me that it’s almost been a year since we looked at the house we eventually bought. Although the official Camp Nini anniversary isn’t until March, we first visited at the end of October. Strange how that point made me realize the progress we made in less than a year’s time. Somehow, I get it in my head that all things must be done within a very small and finite time frame, and when it doesn’t occur, I feel as though I’ve achieved nothing. Well, that’s just horse hockey, but try telling me that when I’m in the middle of feeling inadequate because I haven’t completely gutted and redecorated, landscaped and painted the whole place in less than 6 months! But then, every now and then, I have a head-slapping moment and realize that it’s ok and we are on track and progress *is* being made. Duh.

Our annual Harvest Dinner is fast approaching and I’m looking forward to having at least two kids home for a bit. Even with the reduced children, we’ll still have a nice household full of people. I think the current head count is over a dozen. Makes me happy to just think about it. New this year; people will be contributing a few things here and there. I’m hoping this will expand the culinary delight and reduce some of my frantic freaking that there won’t be enough for everyone. Trust me, you could feed an army with what I provide, but don’t try to tell me that while I’m in the throes of prepping and cooking. Better for me to see a menu in advance and then realize I don’t have to make that one extra gallon of gravy or supplement dessert with 15 different kinds of cookies.

Preparations for France are still underway. I got a confirmation for concerts in La Madeleine, Notre Dame de la Riche and the Normandy Memorial (on July 4th – AWESOME!), as well as participation in a Mass at Notre Dame. I guess it’s time to start the count down, since there are only 262 days left until we leave. This time I’m taking a whole cadre of familiar people with me. I’m excited knowing Jenny, #4, B, and Nancy will all be going. Should be fun!


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