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Pen and Paper

I’ve moved most of my blogs off my Multiply page before it all goes dark. So far, I have back to 2008, but there are still a few that go back even farther – which I had migrated TO Multiply when Yahoo 360 went under. Ultimately, I think I’d like to have everything over at WordPress, and made into a book, but it looks like I’ve got a bunch of photo reloading to do.

Just another project on my overflowing platter of projects!

S’ok, maybe I’ll never be bored that way.

While I’ve been moving digital writing around, I’ve found that I’ve enjoyed writing out some greetings by hand. You know, that old user interface of pen and paper? Especially if you have a nice, juicy, gooey ink pen and some super smooth, heavy paper to write on. Man! You can’t beat the way that feels.

I’ve written 7 thank you cards, 2 sympathy cards, 1 birthday greeting and 8 Halloween cards. Since it’s not almost lunch time and I haven’t done a stitch of work, and I don’t feel like it either, I think I’ll go hunt a beverage before I tackle something a little different.

Maybe I’ll file some papers… or…. make a list with that juicy pen on that heavy smooth paper….  :0)


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