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Hate Love Affair

I hate sitting unproductively, staring at televised sporting events.

I love that an opossum waddled out into the road and because there isn’t much traffic out here, I could slow down and allow him to “notice” my car and hasten his waddle to the other side. So cute!

I hate clutter, which accumulates more clutter.

I love filing things away and thinking of new ways to store information.

I hate that I can’t wrap my head around what to keep and what not to keep on my computer.

I love being able to look at my, and others, pictures.

I hate that there are people who are rude, manipulative and mean, and who lie and who tell you they’ll be there and then aren’t.

I love that I don’t have any of that kind of people in my life anymore.

I hate dreaming about a living blood covered goat being served on a crust, and eaten, like a pizza.

I love that I remember my dreams.

I hate feeling like I’ve spun my wheels to achieve completion on projects for work with no tangible amount of work getting done and multiple interruptions.

I love that I work from home most of the time and that when I do have to go to a campus for rehearsals, the people are awesome to be with.

I love music. I love the color yellow. I love to travel and see new things. I love to read. I love to write. I love to take walks. I love to look at things from a fresh perspective. I love a good night’s sleep. I love fresh sheets. I love my pellet stoves. (yeeha! we are toasty warm) I love that I have an irreverent and wacky take on life.

I hate stinkbugs.

I love Mike, the terminator, who eats stinkbugs.


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Some People…’Nuf Said


Yes, my hackles are up today. It’s not really any PERSON in particular… it is more PEOPLE in general, and even more accurately, it’s circumstances and my responses to them that’s really going on here.

I got some good sleep last night, and had truly pleasant dreams this morning. I woke up refreshed and happy, yet somehow, between then and now, I’m ready to snap the heads of flowers and stomp around the house. Things like a slightly slow response from my keyboard has me all kinds of frustrated.

Someone told me that the best thing for me would have been for me to just go back to bed. Maybe she was right.

But, I thought, I’ll get this out of my system. I’ll write it down, and in doing so, I’ll see how truly insignificant my annoyances are and probably find something that I can consider beneficial to me by their being there.
Let’s see… although still a bit miffed at the late delivery of a piece of news that ultimately effects a larger group, I can see how this means I can now be more assured of how the group will function in the future.

While cleaning up the trash that the dog felt necessary to spread from one end of the bathroom to the other isn’t my favorite thing to do, at least the trash is now on its way out to the cans for pick up, and my rug will be clean when it gets out of the washer.

Even though the program I use for my work is making it impossible for me to get done what I need to, I can feel comfortable in the fact that I can use that time to set up my office and work on my internal file structures to make work ultimately better. This will make me happier once I stop TRYING to work and just roll with the flow of what I can do instead of what I can’t.

I can take a longer shower than normal since I can’t get any real work done before rehearsal.

I can sit in the sunshine for a bit and maybe read a chapter of the book I’ve been working on for about 6 months.

I can contemplate what I should make for dinner before we go off to rehearsals for the night.

I *could* take a quick walk.

Le sigh… I’m feeling a bit better now.

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Pen and Paper

I’ve moved most of my blogs off my Multiply page before it all goes dark. So far, I have back to 2008, but there are still a few that go back even farther – which I had migrated TO Multiply when Yahoo 360 went under. Ultimately, I think I’d like to have everything over at WordPress, and made into a book, but it looks like I’ve got a bunch of photo reloading to do.

Just another project on my overflowing platter of projects!

S’ok, maybe I’ll never be bored that way.

While I’ve been moving digital writing around, I’ve found that I’ve enjoyed writing out some greetings by hand. You know, that old user interface of pen and paper? Especially if you have a nice, juicy, gooey ink pen and some super smooth, heavy paper to write on. Man! You can’t beat the way that feels.

I’ve written 7 thank you cards, 2 sympathy cards, 1 birthday greeting and 8 Halloween cards. Since it’s not almost lunch time and I haven’t done a stitch of work, and I don’t feel like it either, I think I’ll go hunt a beverage before I tackle something a little different.

Maybe I’ll file some papers… or…. make a list with that juicy pen on that heavy smooth paper….  :0)

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All Kinds of Feelings – 262

I’m having all kinds of feelings today. I’m frustrated, antsy, exhausted, sad, happy, blessed and distracted and my mind is racing hither and yon, so today will be a mish-mash kind of blog…

First off, a site I’ve been on since 2007 is going dark in a few months, so I’ve been working on moving my content off that site. Sadly, they weren’t offering a way for blogs to be imported to WordPress, but they were doing so with Blogger and Tumblr. I do have a Tumblr account I messed with before I found WordPress, so I decided to try exporting to that format. The tool they have successfully exported my blogs from 2010 to now, but everything from 2007-2010 is still in limbo. And nothing has a photo attached to it anymore. I’m downloading the media I had on file with Multiply, but what a pain to have to go through and figure out what photo I had attached to what blog. Le Sigh…

Today is… gray. Blah.

Hubby pointed out to me that it’s almost been a year since we looked at the house we eventually bought. Although the official Camp Nini anniversary isn’t until March, we first visited at the end of October. Strange how that point made me realize the progress we made in less than a year’s time. Somehow, I get it in my head that all things must be done within a very small and finite time frame, and when it doesn’t occur, I feel as though I’ve achieved nothing. Well, that’s just horse hockey, but try telling me that when I’m in the middle of feeling inadequate because I haven’t completely gutted and redecorated, landscaped and painted the whole place in less than 6 months! But then, every now and then, I have a head-slapping moment and realize that it’s ok and we are on track and progress *is* being made. Duh.

Our annual Harvest Dinner is fast approaching and I’m looking forward to having at least two kids home for a bit. Even with the reduced children, we’ll still have a nice household full of people. I think the current head count is over a dozen. Makes me happy to just think about it. New this year; people will be contributing a few things here and there. I’m hoping this will expand the culinary delight and reduce some of my frantic freaking that there won’t be enough for everyone. Trust me, you could feed an army with what I provide, but don’t try to tell me that while I’m in the throes of prepping and cooking. Better for me to see a menu in advance and then realize I don’t have to make that one extra gallon of gravy or supplement dessert with 15 different kinds of cookies.

Preparations for France are still underway. I got a confirmation for concerts in La Madeleine, Notre Dame de la Riche and the Normandy Memorial (on July 4th – AWESOME!), as well as participation in a Mass at Notre Dame. I guess it’s time to start the count down, since there are only 262 days left until we leave. This time I’m taking a whole cadre of familiar people with me. I’m excited knowing Jenny, #4, B, and Nancy will all be going. Should be fun!

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Where in the world will #900 be?

I currently have 899 views of my blog consisting of the following countries. I wonder where number 900 will come from!?Let the drum roll begin…







United States FlagUnited States 253
Indonesia FlagIndonesia 16
Brazil FlagBrazil 15
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 14
India FlagIndia 6
Taiwan, Province of China FlagTaiwan 5
Canada FlagCanada 5
Australia FlagAustralia 4
Italy FlagItaly 4
Colombia FlagColombia 4
Nigeria FlagNigeria 3
Venezuela FlagVenezuela 3
Germany FlagGermany 3
France FlagFrance 3
Hong Kong FlagHong Kong 3
Philippines FlagPhilippines 3
Argentina FlagArgentina 2
Nepal FlagNepal 2
South Africa FlagSouth Africa 2
Thailand FlagThailand 2
Korea, Republic of FlagRepublic of Korea 2
Malta FlagMalta 2
Turkey FlagTurkey 1
Greece FlagGreece 1
Ukraine FlagUkraine 1
Switzerland FlagSwitzerland 1
Mexico FlagMexico 1
Panama FlagPanama 1
Kuwait FlagKuwait 1
Sri Lanka FlagSri Lanka 1
Albania FlagAlbania 1
Pakistan FlagPakistan 1
Azerbaijan FlagAzerbaijan 1
Bulgaria FlagBulgaria 1
Russian Federation FlagRussian Federation 1
Bahrain FlagBahrain 1
United Arab Emirates FlagUnited Arab Emirates 1
Spain FlagSpain 1
Benin FlagBenin 1
Syrian Arab Republic FlagSyrian Arab Republic 1
Egypt FlagEgypt 1
Israel FlagIsrael 1
Sweden FlagSweden 1
Uruguay FlagUruguay 1
Trinidad and Tobago FlagTrinidad and Tobago 1
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Hometown Homecoming

Not the best photo, I admit, but I wasn’t expecting a parade either.

Last night I went to O’Lordan’s for their Happy Hour Blarney Burger. Trust me. It’s a good burger, and for $5.50 it reaches into the AWESOME category. A big, juicy burger topped with bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato along with a side of asparagus and applesauce; it’s a deal! For those of you who like those nasty things called onions, your burger would have onions and your sides would be waffle fries and cole slaw, but since I can’t eat that, my typical burger night treat is alongside fruit and veggies. Hubby added two black and tan’s to his meal and we were still out of there for less than $25.00. Sweet!

Still being relatively new to the area, we’ve tried to find different ways to get around town. Last night we decided to explore the alleys. After having driven through Baltimore earlier in the day to get home from a downtown meeting, and being led through some dicey spots by my adventure seeking GPS, I couldn’t help comparing the two. Alleys in Westminster are… well… cute. They run behind houses and have little garages or small buildings you would have never guessed existed. For example, we found someplace called the “Blessings Building”. It’s a place you can go if you are in need. Glittering on the street in front of it was a shiny dime. I felt blessed!

After dinner, we drove past the “Liberty Building” where a debate party was being held and then got re-routed by the police department through the center of town. It was then that we started to notice people sitting on the curbing and wondered what was up. We parked the car and headed back to Main Street in time to catch the local high school homecoming parade. It was short and sweet, but the air was charged with excitement and the kids were cheering and having a blast. I’m sure some of you are used to this kind of thing, but to me, it was a true treat. This kind of small-town homey stuff is EXACTLY why I moved here.