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Running Away

I’m lucky.

Lucky enough to be running away to a more moderate clime for a week. Jenny has access to a condo in sunny (hopefully!) Florida for a week and we’ve decided we are going to run away. We’ve invited another friend to go with us, so it’s going to be a full on girls week at the beach. Yes!!

Since I got a tablet for Christmas, and I’ll have time lolling about, I expect to be reading some. I read emails and computer stuff all the time, but I rarely get to read for pleasure. I’m excited about that.

Since I’ll be at the beach, it’ll be the best and easiest way to get used to getting up every morning and taking a walk, which is part of my goals.

Speaking of goals… near the end of December, my hubby sent me an email about lists and resolutions. I found it to be very interesting in its approach, because it focused on a different approach than the usual New Year’s resolutions scenario.

Basically, it said that instead of deciding you were going to start doing something new, you should stop and assess what you are currently doing first. I looked at it as a kind of pat on the back or re-affirmation of what’s going right in your world. Essentially, it was to make a list of what works and make that your KEEP list. Then to look at what you are doing that isn’t working and instead of beating yourself up and deciding that you were going to yet again re-commit yourself to doing something that hasn’t worked, to instead add it to a STOP list. I found that to be a fairly freeing thought. And finally, to look at your KEEP and decide if there was any reason or room to START anything new. If there was, it suggested that you not overwhelm yourself with a huge list of things that you’d never truly get to, but instead focus on one or two things you thought you could really commit the time to and go with that.



What would that mean for me?

I think I will keep:

  • writing in my gratitude journal
  • making increasingly healthier food choices
  • working at my job, but remembering that my job is not my life
  • communicating with friends and family and making sure there is time for those relationships
  • blogging when the mood hits me
  • collecting music – about the only thing I *really* collect
  • being open to new thoughts
  • viewing all things from multiple angles and finding the most positive way to see them

I think I will stop:

  • complaining- it’s amazing how much we complain and we don’t even realize we are doing it!
  • beating myself up if I make an error
  • depriving myself of sleep when I need it
  • being afraid to try new things
  • having an attitude of lack at times. (this one is so off the mark of my reality because I REALLY am blessed!!)
  • expecting every day to be a highly productive day

I think I will start:

  • physical self care – walks, sleep, downtime when needed, dr. visits instead of “toughing it out”, me time through hobbies

Looking at this, I don’t feel overwhelmed, but clarified in the direction I want my life to go. So, running away to Florida fits right in here and sunning myself like a lazy lizard is the perfect thing to do just before a spring and summer of busy-busy and go-go.



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