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Thanking My Lucky Cars

Everett and I have an understanding. I take care of him and he takes care of me. Everett is my car.

My work keeps me out a bit late and my way home on Thursdays is on a more rural road with some twisty back roads. I was diddy-bopping along and jammin’ to music when I saw a buck saunter out into the road ahead of me, followed by another deer. At 55 mph, I figured I’d just miss the buck, but wasn’t sure whether to slow down for the other deer or to speed up and slip between the two.

After a moment’s hesitation, I yelled an obscenity and decided I wasn’t going to slow down in time and I’d rather have a sidelong impact than head on, so I continued forward at +50 mph. Sure enough, I heard a thump on the side of my car.

I motored on… the car behind me slowed down. I don’t know if what went bump in the night for me laid down in the road for them, or if they too were deciding how to play this out. Either way, I wasn’t sticking around.

On the way home I assessed the car’s ride and was grateful the window were all intact. Strangely, through the whole thing, I felt amazingly calm. My music was thumping, and Everett was still riding smoothly, so I just knew everything was fine. There could be no other explanation.

I made it home without further excitement and pulled into the driveway to survey the passenger side of my car. Everett’s safety bubble proved itself once more. Not a dent on him. Looks like a bit of a scratch, but nothing some buffing couldn’t fix at the most.

Like I said, I take care of Ev and Ev takes care of me. Love my car and so thankful for my safety bubble.


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