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Headaches and Dreams

Seems I have THE wonkiest dreams whenever I have a headache. A storm system passed through last night and once in awhile I’ll get sinus headaches. This one must have started while I was asleep, because I had a disturbing dream that woke me up at 3:17 a.m.

I dreamed I was doing the dishes and one of my cats (Sally) was sitting by the dish drain watching me. In reality, Sally and Scout love to be near me and watch me all the time. I have people who come take care of my furry friends whenever I travel who warn me that Sally/Scout may not be there when I get home because they’ve fallen in love with the two of them. They really are very interested, engaged and loving animals. Which is why this is such a disturbing dream, but I digress…

Anyway, she was watching me do the dishes and I was in a good mood, so I decided to give her a little treat. I opened a container and found a little blue tablet that had 30 on it and remember thinking just before I gave it to Sally, “That looks like it would be a good treat!”. She scarfed it up, like she does any treat, and looked at me. Then I remembered I was supposed to give her some medicine (she’s fine and healthy, so I can’t pin why I felt the need to medicate her). I gave her the proper dosage and the minute she finished it off, I realized that I’d not given her a treat previously, but instead had given her triple the amount of medicine in one tablet and her proper dosage of medicine in the other tablet.

I felt panic.

I grabbed Sally, who was looking a bit off already, and tried jamming my finger down her throat to get her to puke up the pills, but she wriggled for a very short time and then went limp. I was crushed and sobbing and woke up. 

I’ve decided that wasn’t a very good place to leave my dream, so in my waking world the real ending is that she had a great nap and woke up playful. That’s got to be it, because all day – in my waking world – she’s been very lovey and hasn’t wanted to leave my side.



I believe you make your own reality whether good or bad. Thus, my favorite saying is, "Say what you mean and mean what you say."

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