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Suck It In

At the end of September, I’m going to a Steampunk function. For anyone unfamiliar with Steampunk, it’s a combination of Victorian era/inventor/gears/corsets/sluttycostumes/anythinggoes. For example:

I’m not that into this, so I didn’t want to spend insane amounts of money on a costume. I figured I could cobble something together.

Did I mention you can spend insane amounts of money on this stuff?

I decided that an old shirt and skirt I have might pass muster if I gussy it up enough and get a corset. Since I was going to get a corset, I wanted one that would really fit. I found someplace that produces a pretty substantial corset and wouldn’t cost me too much, so I ordered one.

Today, my corset came. Of course I had to try it on! I’m certainly glad I got the SMALLER size (did I really just say that?) because if I’d gotten the other one I was looking at, it would have been far too large. My opinion? It’s actually pretty comfortable. Sure, you can’t bend over quite like you do without it, and a deep breath isn’t really something that you get right away, but I wore mine for about 6 hours and after the first couple, I got used to it. My posture definitely improved and I noticed it wasn’t so hard to breath anymore.

Then hubby came home. I showed him my corset and told him how I couldn’t get it as laced up as I wanted it. I must have forgotten he’s been working out, because HE certainly could lace that sucker up. Still, it wasn’t TOO bad. I’m sure I’ll look like the country mouse at this event, but meh… I’ll do the best I can.

BTW, hubby doesn’t have any costume at all so far. Doh!


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