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This Is Why I Do It

We had rehearsals tonight. Normally when I come home, there are a 
bunch of emails in my box asking questions and whatnot. Tonight I 
got the following message, which made me cry.

Sharon, I just wanted to you to know how thoroughly Chloe enjoyed
rehearsal tonight.  She has been asking to do something like this for
years.  When I picked her up tonight, I asked how everything went.
She replied "I wish I had a time machine so that I could fast forward
to next Thursday night or go back and do it again tonight." Please do
feel free to share this with Mrs. F if you wish.
Thank you so much. My daughter is happier than I have ever seen her.

Perfect!! It was just perfect, and certainly good to hear after a 
long night and feeling bone tired. This is exactly
why I love the job I have. It's always about the kids.

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Queen of the Nation of Procrasti

Today, I got nothing done. For whatever reason, I failed to work today and that means I’m going to have to work most of the night and  all morning tomorrow, and it’s all my darn fault.

Please, don’t feel sorry for me. In fact, you have my permission to laugh and point fingers in my general direction. I’ve been the Queen of the nation of Procrasti. It seems that every time I even thought about starting a project, my mind went numb. In some ways, I welcome the quiet gray fuzzy-headed thinking, because I believe it’s actually my minds way of making sure I have “down” time. Personally, I’d just stuff it with more and more stuff and maybe even be a workaholic if it would keep chugging along all the time. I guess I should be thankful for these foggy days and revel in the illusion that there’s not tons to do. Eventually, my mind kicks back into gear and I work it until it overheats and goes back to the fuzzy zone, so in some ways this is an expected cycle.

Beyond wandering the house avoiding work, I baked some mug cakes, walked, talked to my children, listened to some music, chatted with a friend (the highlight, actually) about our upcoming camping trip, exchanged lists of what we are supposed to bring/pack, wrote some emails, talked to another friend, did some laundry, cooked dinner, am writing my blog and poked around online. For me, that’s an off day. Now, whether I want to or not, I’m going to have to work on some spreadsheets and get rosters and uniform paperwork ready for tomorrow. – Uh oh… the thought occurs that I may have left my copies in the copy room last night, which would be bad. Hmmm… Meh.. I’ll figure it out.

In my cyber travels today, the top three things that caught my attention are as follows, but not necessarily in order of importance.

1. The recent floods from Tropical Storm Lee and Hurricane Irene have mucked up the Chesapeake Bay. For anyone who loves oysters, crabs or simply the Bay.. this isn’t good news. Chemicals, furniture, uprooted trees and tons of fresh water spilled into the Bay and disrupted what was an increasingly healthy ecosystem. I’m a firm believer that the Bay can work through these changes, Nature always does, but in the meantime, it’s got a bunch of scientists worried. 

2. Kirstie Alley!! Whoa, momma! She looks fantastic and is proof positive that getting your ass off the couch is a great way to lose some weight. 60 years young and she looks amazing. I’ve always fluctuated with my weight, so I can totally relate to her trials and tribulations (sinking in a gentle pool of wine… – JCSuperstar reference.. if you don’t get it, you don’t get it) The main point here is that the photos I saw today were definitely an inspiration and further proof that I can live to be 113 and be fit and cute forever!

3. Baltimore Homicides. Yep.. there you have it. Why in the heck the Baltimore Sun has decided to show you an interactive map of homicides in Beautiful B’more City is beyond me. And not only can you see the total amount for various date ranges, but you can sort by age, gender and type of death. Wanna know how many were shot or stabbed? You’re in luck! How about blunt force or asphyxiation? No problem…. just click HERE and you too can play the game of B’more Murder Battleship. It’s easy! Just pick a few cross streets, jot them down on a piece of paper and then check back next week to see if that guy with a sickle has found your hidden victims.

So, that’s about it for the day folks. I felt like I needed to leave you with something cute after #3, so here you go….

Oh WAIT!! That’s the wrong photo… did I mention it’s been that kind of day??  Here  you go!

*I did say I made some mug cakes today, right?


*No kitties were harmed today. I promise.

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What Andy Does

I have a bit of a secret. Well not much of a secret, actually, but it’s something I’ve been working on.

I have another blog that I work on with my Hubby called, ‘What Andy Does”. 

When Hubby was gifted with a small rubber HTC Android Toy, just before going on tour with the kids in Europe, he decided that “Andy” should go along with us for the ride. Almost immediately, Andy was a naughty little droid and came free from his lobster claw hook and that’s when we knew he’d never survive the rigors of travel through Italy and Germany in that fashion, so into Hubby’s pocket he went.

While we were on the bus, with plenty of time to act like silly people, we started taking some photos of Andy in different places for Hubby to send out on his Twitter Stream. Most of the photos were really cute and some were downright clever, but the response we got from people back home meant that Andy had claimed an audience of his own and so was born his blog, “What Andy Does”.

Now Andy travels with us everywhere and you never know where or when he’ll show up. Hubby and I have found that we look at the world with a new perspective. One that comes from the vantage point of a tiny lime green guy and his adventures in the world. Go check him out!

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Found this at and just had to share…

Scientists are looking into a new technique for the fight against AIDS…and yes, it involves glow-in-the-dark cats! Two genes are inserted into feline eggs before fertilization, one being the jellyfish gene that causes cats to glow (“tracking purposes.”) The other is a rhesus macaque gene that blocks cell infection by feline immunodeficiency virus, which provides insight into how gene therapy can treat the virus affecting humans.

The macaque restriction factor, TRIMCyp, blocks FIV by attacking and disabling the virus’s outer shield as it tries to invade a cell. The researchers know that works well in a culture dish and want to determine how it will work in vivo. This specific transgenesis (genome modification) approach will not be used directly for treating people with HIV or cats with FIV, but it will help medical and veterinary researchers understand how restriction factors can be used to advance gene therapy for AIDS caused by either virus.

The method for inserting genes into the feline genome is highly efficient, so that virtually all offspring have the genes. And the defense proteins are made throughout the cat’s body. The cats with the protective genes are thriving and have produced kittens whose cells make the proteins, thus proving that the inserted genes remain active in successive generations.

So far there haven’t been negative effects seen in the cats. If time proves that the experiment was safe and without consequences, I have three words: I want one

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Everybody’s Working On the Weekends







Oh! Wait! Isn’t that supposed to be “Everybody’s working for the weekend” ?

I do a lot of my work via email and damnit, apparently I’m too friggin’ efficient. I got two emails today, Sunday remember, from people demanding answers immediately to their questions. Um, hello? It’s SUNDAY!!! Can’t I have a day off?? Cripes!

And none of this is earth-shattering, time-sensitive information. It can all wait until Monday morning. Can’t you people see I’m far too busy reading and posting on BLOGS to answer your silly little questions? Don’t you understand you might interrupt my napping schedule after my hard day yesterday of betting at the racetrack?

I mean, get a life! Maybe you want your information NOW, but did you ever consider that you might impact the reheating of leftovers for dinner?? Or the ultimately important task of actually reading a magazine I get BEFORE it goes to paper recycling. Don’t you want me to be INFORMED of the LATEST FASHION TRENDS?? Just because I work from home, doesn’t mean the cat and the dog don’t appreciate the most recent in haute couture!