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Giulianova and Being the Newbies

There is a little place on Main Street in Westminster that blew my socks off last night called Giulianova.

Hubby and I were  invited to a private party held in a little courtyard behind Giulianova Groceria by some good friends who are very graciously expanding our social world by adding us to theirs. This is especially nice, since we are really trying our best to get ourselves moved up to the Westminster area and it sure is nice to know there are people you know in the place you wanna go.

There were 20 of us at this shindig, all toasting or bemoaning the loss of the AFC division game between the Steelers and the Ravens. (oh well…)

We started with a caprese salad that was delish, moved on to a three cheese and sweet Italian sausage puff pastry, followed by Shrimp Scampi. Our main course was Chicken Parmgiana and green beans with red peppers and   pancetta and dessert was either tiramisu or cannolis. I went for the tiramisu, which was awesome. And the BEST part of this entire meal? NO onions. Not a one… no onion powder, no onion bits, none! It was so great to just go, eat, talk and have fun without worrying about your food allergy.

We did meet a few new people and enjoyed ourselves quite a bit, even if we do tend to hang back a bit at first. You know how it is when you introduce new elements to your tight little group and I’m thankful that we were included.

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My Album Cover

I have to post early today, since I’m going out tonight. I’m going to a place where you pay the chef to teach you how to cook your own dinner. Of course, with the crowd I’m going with, we may not remember many of the instructions. You’ll find out more about that tomorrow.

In the meantime, I was tagged on FB to play a fun little game of “make your own album cover”. Here’s how mine turned out.

Since all the components are random, I think it came out pretty coherently. I even think it looks a little like the light of a train on some dark tracks. If you’d like to try this out, here are the directions:

Try it! 1- Go to wikipedia and hit random. The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band. 2 – Go to and hit random. The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album. 3 – Go to flickr and click on “explore the last seven days”. Third picture no matter what it is, will be your album cover. 4 – Use photoshop or similar ( is a free online photo editor) to put it all together. 5 – Post it with this text in the “caption” and TAG the friends you want to join in.
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I decided, many a-moon ago (when I was 13), that I was going to live to be 113 years old.

Yep, that’s right. I’m going to be an active, sprightly, fun-loving, white-haired and with a quick laugh, mint green velour-workout-suit wearing 113 years old.

You might ask, “But Sharon, WHY??”

Well, I’ll tell you why. I was 13 years old in 1976, our country’s Bicentennial year. At 13 I was into all things Bicentennial. It seemed so grand, so old and so ACHIEVED! Wow, 200 whole years old, and look at the US of A just GO!! I mean, we were truckin’.

My father had heard that the National Archives were going to collect signatures for a time-capsule that would be reopened in 2076 to mark the Tri-Centennial. He packed us all in our station wagon and took us down to see the Declaration of Independence and to sign our names for the time-capsule. I remember I had been recently working on my unique-to-me signature. One that would signify how adult and grown up I was. One that was befitting the movie star or songstress I was convinced I was destined to become.

I waited my turn in line, picked up the pen and put it to paper and  produced the most flourished  signature I could muster. I must admit, it was rather anti-climactic after all those pages I’d been practicing my scrawl on, but I thought it was pretty good and I was satisfied.

This was NOT what made me determined to live to 113.

What ACTUALLY inspired that particular thought was a toilet seat with Bicentennial coins encased in Lucite.

When I saw it, I knew right then and there, that I was going to live to be 113. I just HAD to see what my country was going to do to “commemorate” the birth of the greatest nation in the world that could top the absurdity of encasing the specially memorialized legal tender of my country in plastic and designed for the use of sitting on to remove waste products from my body.  It’s a lofty goal, wouldn’t you agree?! I can see that you are all now carefully considering this idea and understanding that even at the tender age of 13, I was the forward (read warped) thinker you’ve come to know me as.

And since I’m going to stick around to see what ELSE they can come up, I think I’ll go back to the National Archives and find my grandiose signature in the time-capsule book. At first I thought that one of my great-great grandchildren might have to wheel me past so I could see it, but I realized recently that is not a realistic thought. I needed to return to my early teen years for inspiration on the true way I’d go see that signature. I’m going to walk, on my own and in my mint green velour work-out suit, right up to that case and look in. I’ll see my signature and feel proud that I’d worked so hard to make it look so grandiose, and then I’m going to go home and relax, knowing I’d done what I said I would.

And if I die before I wake…. well, you might know the rest of that saying…..

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What A Greeting!!

For various scheduling reasons, I was having troubles figuring out when to get my friend Jenny her birthday present. I’ve been wanting to give it to her since Christmas, but the whole Christmas-Birthday gift idea was thematic, so I had to sit tight until her birthday, which isn’t officially until tomorrow.

For Christmas, I got her a number of magazines which all tend to have good, nutritious and cheap recipes in them, since she wanted to start eating better. For her birthday, I got her a designer lunch bag with some really neat containers for food. I really liked both and was itching to give them to her.

Since she was busy tomorrow, and I’m busy most of the weekend and then gone the following week, Hubby and I decided to go pick up a cake and some flowers and try our luck at her being home. We trudged up to the third floor and knocked on her door, our gifts, flowers and smiling faces in view of the peephole.

“G*d Damn*t! I knew it!!” , was what we heard from behind the door. Now what kind of greeting is that?

😀  hehehehehe…..

She opened her gift and mentioned that she was just getting ready to go buy a lunch bag since I hadn’t given her one yet. (I’d threatened last year) I’m glad she liked it.  Then we had cake and played some of her Rockband 3, chatted about Italy and some other adventures we’d like to get into and too soon it was time for us to go home.


Aaaaaaannnnnd, the daughter is now insisting that I abandon my blog  to come watch Jersey Shore with her and telling me that if I don’t, she’ll put this massive hair she just pulled out of her eyeball on me. Yeah… my life? my house? my family and friends? … we are all just a bit nutty. THANK G*D!!

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Brought to You By…

the letter L and the number 4

Did you know that porcupines climb trees to get to the tender leaves and soft wood? And that they stab themselves when they fall from said trees with their quills?

African hunting dogs are more successful at hunting than lions.

Did you know that a dog’s nose print is equal in its individuality as a human’s thumbprint?

Sperm whales can hold their breath for up to 2 hours and it can take about 70 breaths to re-oxygenate their blood.

The first real pizzeria was created in the back of a grocery store in New York’s Little Italy neighborhood.

Male Emperor penguins don’t eat for 3 months while they incubate their eggs and can lose up to 45 % of their body mass during this time.

The Titicaca frog has extra saggy skin because it breathes through its skin by moving the water around itself and uses that additional surface area to get more oxygen into it’s blood. Due to where it lives, the water has more oxygen in it than the air does.

You’ll never find  a white Bengal tiger in the wild because it doesn’t have the proper camouflage and thus will not be able to sneak up on its prey. Only 1 in 10,0o0 will be born white due to a genetic defect.

A beaver chops down 260 trees a year and a family of beavers will take down a ton of wood a year. They can make a river flood a mile and a half upriver from where they are building their dam.

Male Jamaican guppies attract the lady fish with their bright colors, but to win their ladyfish, they have to flaunt themselves in front of predators to prove their bravery. (Dumb fish)

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London Blog

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When I traveled to England in 2009, I attempted to write a blog for each day I was there for my official work blog. I was so exhausted by the time I was done, I never got to the official London blog.

It’s hard sometimes, because I’d love to write some of my personal experiences and thoughts, but don’t really want my “work” to be effected. Especially if I had a quirky view of something that happened. And so much happened.

When we came home, Hubby and I went to DuClaw to unwind and write down some things before we forgot them. We ordered up the sampler and realized that there were 10 samples, so we toasted each other with the first beer and then began our list of 9 beers for 9 days.

When I decided to work on my official London Blog – gotta get it done before I go globetrotting again – I took down those little slips of papers we had written our thoughts on and practically relived the trip in a matter of minutes.

I’m sure this won’t make sense to many but me and Hubby, but I wanted to transcribe my list into my blog and maybe, just maybe, I’ll get the gumption up to finish London and put the official blog to bed.

9 Beers for 9 Days

1. American Brown – DC and Arrival in UK (London), Stonehenge, Sherborne, Rooming, HarryPotter room, small showers, exhausted.


2. Alchemy – Sherborne (Land of Potter) 1st UK pub, Murphy’s and Kiwi’s (New Zealander’s and two girls who were lovin’ it)

3. Venom (Nitro) Sherborne, attempted Glastonbury but epic fail, broke the bank, bought flowers, had coffee in pub, pictures of monk washing, Bath, Crazed chaperons, kids not sticking together, strange rabbit statues, busking, circus, Georgian architecture, dogs on balcony over sidewalks (what happens when they lift a leg?) went to grocery store and wandered, helped Cuffee (Savannah Children’s Chorus), explored the Abbey Grounds.

4.Venom (norm) Sherborne, Concert Day, mad @ Hubby, Abbey gift shop look around, 3 wishes, Stodger and coffee, Halfmoon Inn, blog fail, knitting in the sunshine, concert, crazy woman, escape, pissed as escapee, gas leak (only from an anus) leaks and no hot water, the start of the plague.

5.Hellrazer – Wells, lost camera, boxed lunches on grass, tour of cathedral, dead people we lunched on, city tour walk, kids in town, coffee and cream pastry, croquet, bishop’s garden, , wifi, shopping, dinner on dead people, soccer players flirting with girls, concert prep, wells concert, Louis concert and reception, bus ride home (scary), ruffians on the lawn, cab ride to police station (they close at 4PM), Glastonbury (finally), thorn tree, abbey ruins, chaps griping, cool shops, Joseph of Arimathea.

6.El Guavo – Stratford Upon Avon, Holy Trinity, Birthplace, movie making, Shakespeare’s buried in the steps, Ice cream off of boats, Torchwood encounter, Avon river, puking student, changing behind room divider in sanctuary, scaffolding, unstable roof, missed handoff of directors, Senga, Hotel, Hour of confusion, rooming craziness followed by drinking at bar/lounge.

7. Misfit Red – Warwick/Stratford, Anne Hathaway house, singing in garden, boys taking photos of flowers, plague continues, Warwick Castle, falconry, wax figures, towers, Tre-Bu-Chet!- some back to Stratford, me to lounge, working on scarf, zzzzzz, Talent show, scrumpy in lounge and scarf again.

8. Bare Assed Blonde – London, traveled on bus, Greenwich, climb hill to see line in boot, no photo, lost Maeve, Thames cruise, crazy foot traffic, stressed chaps, Big Ben and Parliament, Downing Street, Bus, Drove to Piccadilly, Trafalgar, Pall Mall, Mens Clubs, walk to Buckingham, Palace grounds, St. James Place, Evensong @ Westminster Abbey, back to bus, Chelsea football hotel, more room nightmares, more sick kids.

9. Kangaroo Love – London, lime green, scarf debut, Tower of London, Ravens, Crown Jewels, St. Paul’s, Boys to bathroom, girls change on bus, more sickies, singing under the dome, gorgeous sound, sing on steps, BBC, encore request, former singer Julienne Gedes found us, Covent Gardens for shopping, street performers, driver errors, marble arch, left tour guide, 50 pound car ride for programs that mostly parents took, back to hotel to change for dinner, Novotel West for Farewell dinner, speeches, cabaret, back to Chelsea, fish n chips?, Frankies- no fish n’ chips. 😦

Up at dawn and on the plane home to DC.

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am tired. T.I.R.E.D. Tired.

I haven’t done much to be this tired, but there it is; I am. I’ve been sleeping in most every day and I’m ready for bed by 10…. A.M., unless I’ve had a boost by some kind of caffeinated beverage. I’ve been drinking water and eating well, but I’m still tired. I keep aspiring to be like my friends who are working out twice a day and being energizer bunnies, but then I roll over and pull the covers up higher, and my kitty jumps  up on me and curls into the curve of my hip and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I’m asleep again.

I guess the bear in me has finally insisted it’s time to hibernate.

Wake me when it’s Spring.